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We're excited to release a series of new screen printed posters by Modrimane, inspired by the village of Zermatt in Switzerland.

Maud Riemann/Modrimane was born in 1981 and studied illustration in Lyon, France where she graduated with a diploma. At the beginning of her career, she received the price « Figures Future » of the National Children Book Congress of Montreuil in 2004 with her Little Red Riding Hood artwork, in 2004. Since then, she published several books and wrote two comic books...

You can discover more of her work on her Website.

Here is what Maud Riemann had to say about the poster :

"Whilst on a visit to Zermatt in December 2014, I was enchanted with the town and the breathtaking views on the Matterhorn. Once back home I got to work on designing a set of illustrations. The result is a collection of 3 colour screen printed posters and postcards in the typical style of those produced in the 1930’s. I also pay a tribute to the history of Zermatt, including the 150th anniversary of the first ascent of the Matterhorn. However, I have not forgotten the modern side of Zermatt including its snowboarders, paragliders, and free style skiers. I hope everybody can enjoy this set of neo-vintage winter sports posters."


We're proud to release a new screen printed poster, 1984 by Guillaume Morellec, inspired by the novel written by George Orwell.

Born in 1983, Guillaume Morellec is a french designer and illustrator living in Paris. After working several years in creating logos, brochures and websites in Paris and Montreal, he decided to take a new career orientation and now works as a graphic designer and freelance illustrator. His work is now regularly exhibited internationally in galleries such as Spoke Art Gallery, Hero Complex Gallery, Gallery 1988…

You can discover more of his work on  Behance and  Tumblr.

Here is what Guillaume Morellec had to say about the poster :

« I chose to create a poster based on this famous anticipation novel written after World War II because I think it still contains a form of modernity. Indeed, in these troubled times, the need for security, the desire to withdraw from reality, adherence to nationalist ideas... are signs that should alert us and remind us how fragile is our freedom. Regarding my poster, I have chosen to illustrate the main character Winston Smith walking down a dark street, looking worried, with his diary in hand and looking back to make sure he's not followed by members of the party or overzealous citizens. He is surrounded by posters of all sizes with the image of the supreme leader Big Brother. The threat is everywhere and the stern looks converge towards the hero, resulting total surveillance and an absence of escape. »


We're excited to release a new screen printed poster, 2001 by Tom Haugomat, inspired by the works of Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick.

Born in 1985, Tom Haugomat is a french illustrator based in Paris. His work has been published in magazines such as XXI, Le Monde and many others... He also works as an animated film director with Bruno Mangyoku, since they met at "Gobelins", the renowned school of visual arts based in Paris. Tom Haugomat is also part of the parisian workshop "Messieurs Dame".

You can discover more of his work on  Behance,  Tumblr and  Vimeo.

Here is what Tom Haugomat had to say about the poster :

« My background as an animated films's director lead me to watch again and again the homonymous Stanley Kubrick film before reading the 2001: Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke. This masterpiece really troubled me and had a major impact on the way I create images, so it seemed natural to work on this poster. Here, I tried to find a balance between the novel and the film, two monuments that seem inseparable. After several attempts, I opted for a more minimalist orientation, suggesting the Monolith by the negative space. I was delighted that it will be a screen printed poster, it's a printing technique that I love, and that is perfectly matching the way I conceive images, playing with reduced palettes and color overlays. »


We're excited to release on the 1st of November, DRACULA by Robert Sammelin, inspired by the masterpiece written by Bram Stoker.

Robert Sammelin is a swedish self taught concept artist, illustrator, graphic designer and comics creator. He has worked on covers for books, magazines and CD's, logo designs and illustration as well as concept art for numerous video games. He works as Senior Concept Artist at DICE since 2007, making concept art and graphic design for the award winning BATTLEFIELD series, among other things.

You can discover more of his work on his Website,  Behance, and  Tumblr.

Here is what Robert Sammelin had to say about the poster :

« When asked to approach a classic genre novel, I immediately knew I wanted to illustrate Dracula. I've always been fascinated by the themes of vampirism; from the surface level attributes of the prince of darkness I saw as a child to the multi layered complexity of love, fear, sex and violence I see now.With this poster I wanted to explore this complexity and highlight the erotic undertones of the book that I feel are central to the themes within it. By rendering Dracula himself close to invisible, I let his fleeting presence around Mina symbolise what I see as the underlying horror of the story - control; the fear of losing control over one's self, a fear of extacy, of indulgence and ultimately men's fear of a female sexuality beyond their control. »


We're proud to release on October the 3rd, ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND by Mads Berg, created to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the masterpiece written by Lewis Carroll.

Mads Berg designs illustrations to an international range of clients. His main fields of illustration are Posters, Brand Illustrations, Key Visuals, Editorial Illustrations, Cover Art, Murals. The illustrations are characterized by a style which translates classic poster art into a modern and timeless look. Mads graduated from the Danish Design School in 2001, and since then, he has been working independently as an illustrator. Occasionally working as a lecturer at design schools. Several times member of the jury, awarding the best in Swedish and Norwegian Contemporary Illustration. In 2010 he won the "Best Danish Children's Comic" prize and in 2009 he won the Danish Design Prize. Mads' poster art is represented at the Danish National Design Archives at the Design Museum. Mads also designs park maps for world famous amusement parks.

You can discover more of his work on his Website,  Behance, and  Instagram.

Here is what Mads Berg had to say about the poster :

« I wanted to create a poster, that hits the mysterious and surrealistic aspects of the famous novel, but at the same time has the attraction of a piece of art that you would hang on the wall in children’s room. The link to the actual book, the famous piece of literature, is important, and that is why the quotations are incorporated into the poster. Also, to set this apart from Disney’s Alice, and more aligned with the novel, the colours are sombre and loaded with contrast. In the book I particularly love the way the characters enter the stage from out of nowhere, so I wanted to create this weird scene where the actors appear randomly in a dark and mushroom infused universe with no logic interaction. Not of this world, but definitely humorous and spirited. »


We're excited to release on the 16th of September, THE WAR OF THE WORLDS by El Gunto, inspired by the classic H.G. Wells' sci-fi novel.

El Gunto, aka Guillaume Poux is a french illustrator living in Barcelona, he was born a day of April 1980. After long years spent in high school studying useless subjects as mathematics or physics, he decided to learn a real serious profession which will make him (almost) famous: illustrator. For this, he enters a school specialised in scribbles, Emile Cohl school, from which he graduated in 2004. Since then he has published several comics from various publishers, illustrated some children's books, worked in animation or video game ... while keeping some free time to draw pretty pin-up, his guilty pleasure.

You can discover more of his work on his Website,  Tumblr,  Facebook and  Instagram.

Here is what El Gunto had to say about the poster :

« Two reasons lead me to choose to illustrate The War of the Worlds. The first is that I read it for the first time when I was quite young. The very dark and pessimistic atmosphere (despite the end of the novel) which emanate from the story, left a mark in my memory. The Martians are invincible, the end of the world is near, there is only one obsession: how to survive? I read a lot when I was a kid, and this book is one of the first novels I read. H.G. Wells, Jules Verne and then Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (with The Lost World) or Edgar Allan Poe would make me discover science-fiction, and lead me later to other authors such as Isaac Asimov, Philip K. Dick, Arthur C. Clarke and many others ... Not to mention the movies, but that's another story. War of the Worlds is a key novel for me, something which influenced me and, in some ways, has made me the person and artist I am today. The second reason is more graphic. Illustrating an alien's invasion allowed me to make a small tribute to the old B movies posters that I find brilliant, with a little kitsch stagings and typography so unmistakable. I enjoyed myself so much to follow some of these codes, while respecting the technical constraints of screen printing and of course the original novel. »


We are proud to release FEAR IS THE MIND KILLER by Miki Montlló, inspired by DUNE and the universe of Frank Herbert's novels.

Born in 1984 in Spain, Miki Montlló is a freelance illustrator and comic book artist. He is notably known for his collaboration with Sylvain Runberg for the comic book Orbital, and their new comic book serie Warship Jolly Roger. Miki has also been working on several animated movies, videogames and TV commercials as a storyboarder, background artist, character designer and concept artist. He has been living in Dublin and Berlin and now he is back near Barcelona, currently working on his comics and personal projects. You can discover more of his work on his Facebook page.

Here's what Miki had to say about the poster :

« When I got the proposition to choose a fantasy/science fiction poster, I had no doubt: it had to be Dune. The richness and vastness of Frank Herbert’s universe has been interpreted by many different artists in the last decades, and I wanted to explore my own point of view about it. One of the most obvious references was David Lynch’s movie, but I wanted to keep distance from it and stick to the novel. This is why I went through a lot of islamic and ancient art, and I combined it with my comic and animation influences trying to, somehow, transmit part of the mysticism that the novel has. The decision of using gold ink was related to that, I tried to think about how would a design like that look in a temple of a lost ancient culture. Also, the motto was important: “fear is the mind killer”. The protagonist of Dune keeps repeating it during the book, and to me, it is part of the core of the message of Dune . »

« Now that I entered the desert of Arrakis, I feel like I could explore it endlessly . »


We're excited to release on the 14th of May, THE ISLAND OF DOCTOR MOREAU by Vincent Roché, inspired by the classic H.G. Wells' novel.

Vincent Roché is a freelance french art director and illustrator based in Paris. Born in the 80's, Vincent, surrounded by images and pixels, grew up drawing his favourites heroes, cutting, modifying, editing, observing, exploring and creating the image, a passion that now nourishes his works. You can discover more of his work on www.viins.net.

Here's what Vincent Roché had to say about the print:

« When I created this poster, it seemed obvious to me that Dr. Moreau and his island would be entwined. My goal was to make people experience the fear Edward Prendick felt when he saw in the distance this island of pain. Playing with simple and graphic shapes and a restricted chromatic palette allowed me to give two levels of understanding of this illustration : from afar the dark silhouette of Dr. Moreau. From a closer look, his guts. The shadows of the monsters he created, on the lookout for the new intruder and reciting the law under the permanent threat of Dr. Moreau's whip, real symbol of submission for the beast-folk . »